This website is independent and does not include any of my wildlife, which can be found at www.tonyforrest.com   

I have been painting wildlife for 30 years but the coastal regions around my home in Cornwall are now becoming a serious part of my painting career.   There are many exciting places around the Cornish coast, and some of the main attractions for me are the quaint working harbours full of old fishing boats and other paraphernalia.  The purpose of this website is to showcase my marine art that has been locked up inside my mind for too long.  It gives me many opportunities to play with the magic of light reflecting on water and the atmosphere that can be found at many coastal areas around Britain. 

If you have been following my wildlife art you will already know that I am hugely inspired by the sunlight of Africa.  The same is true of Cornwall, Venice or any other place you can think of.   I am not interested in painting every conceivable detail of a scene. To do so would kill the feeling I am trying to create.   

I sometimes paint outdoors (plein air) but much of my work is done using my own photography.   My photographs are merely a starting point from which I create whatever I like.  A lot of detail is left out and some details are added - even if they don't exist!  At the end of the day I am trying to create a pleasing and engaging picture, which is what art should be all about.    The end result is what matters to me; how I get there is less important.


I am seeking gallery representation for my marine paintings in the South West and across the UK mainland.   If you own a gallery and are interested in showing my marine art please get in touch